Celebrating our 25th anniversary with the just released Bergenfield Blues our 6th album. Available at our all shows, message us on our FB page, or email us on on this sight...

The Twain Shall Meet is now available for sale and download through www.soundkeeperrecordings.com Produced and engineered by audio legend Barry Diament.

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Original Derelict Joe Wilkinson is visiting from the west coast and we felt that a gig would be in order. So we're back at our home away from home the Turning Point for another show. We'll be performing lots of new original songs and some cool blues and rock covers as well. We gonna boogie baby, put it down in yer calendars!!

Left to right: Cindy Cashdollar, Terry Reid, Gary Schwartz, George The Greek, Eddie Rainey. Levon Helm Studio/Woodstock NY 5/10/19

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