Summer's almost gone and the wheels roll on and on. 

 Finally have completed mixing on our 6th album Bergenfield Blues, I'll list the songs and info below

Where Can She Be- Written by George Kapitanelis- Musicians- Scott Lauro-rhythm guitar and vocals, Eddie Rainey rhythm and slide guitar, Overdose Galinos on drums, Rob Clores- Organ, Greek Fender PJ Bass. 2nd take

41st & 9th- Written by George K & Joe Wilkinson- Musicians- Joe W. Vocals and guitar, Steady Eddie- slide guitar, Rob Clores-organ, Greek Fender PJ Bass, Sotiri Karlis drums- 2nd take

Chopsteak- Written by George K- Musicians- Joe W. guitars, Eddie Rainey drums, Greek Bass, Rob Clores organ. 2nd take

Married Girl Blues- Written by George K- Musicians- Joe Wilkinson rhythm and lead guitar and vocals, Eddie Rainey slide guitar, percussion, Sotiri Karlis drums, Greek bass. 2nd take

Stop Talkin- Written by George K- Musicians- Joe W. vocals and guitars, Eddie slide guitar, percussion and drums, Rob Clores, Wurlitzier Piano, Greek bass and acoustic guitar. 3rd take

Can't Go Back To School- Written by George K- Musicians- Scott Lauro vocals, Joe Wilkinson lead and rhythm guitars, Ed Rainey slide guitar, drums and percussion, Greek bass and acoustic guitar. 2nd take

Arise- Written by George and Brian Murray- Musicians- Scott Lauro vocals, Brain Murray acoustic guitar, Joe Wilkinson rhythm and lead guitar, Eddie slide guitar, backing vocals, Rob Clores piano and organ, Greek bass, Sotiri drums, Chris Petro percussion, Dixie Lee backing vocals. 1st take

Greek Mac- Written By Greek, Eddie Rainey & Rob Clores

Worrying Blues- Written by Joe Wilkinson- Musicians- Joe rhythm/lead guitar and vocals, Eddie slide guitar, Greek bass, Sotiri drums Rob Clores keys--- Recorded live in one take.

Blues 22- Written by George K- Musicians- Joe W. guitar, Eddie guitar, Rob Clores organ, Greek bass, Sotiri drums, Chris Petro percussion. 2nd take

Buck's Blues- Written by Greek & Steady Eddie- Musicians- Eddie Rainey on drums and lead guitar, Joe W. rhythm guitar, Greek acoustic upright bass, Rob Clores organ. 4th take

Aces & 8's- Written by George K- Musicians- Scott Lauro, vocals, Joe W. lead and rhythm guitar, Eddie slide guitar, drums and backing vocals, Dixie Lee backing vocals, Rob Clores organ and piano, Greek bass, acoustic guitar and tambourine. 1st take

All songs arranged by the Tokin Two

Produced by Greek

Recorded at Homestead Studios Bergenfield NJ- engineered by Shitpants Steve Devitto and Chris Petro

Additional recording of vocals and percussion Visionary Music Riveredge NJ, Tom Gioia

  We began these sessions in early August of 2020 and completed the recordings in July and mixing in August of 2022, two years full circle from tracking to mixing! Almost all of the songs were tracked in 1-4 takes, keeping the flow free and spontaneous as possible. Eddie and I really wanted these recordings to feel live and raw. We purposefully kept it off the cuff, warts and all, to capture what we believe is the heart of these songs. Almost all of the songs were, rehearsed and recorded within a week or two of being written. We also tried to keep it Lo-Fi using minimal mics, vintage boards and vintage gear, while relying more on the sound of the room to set the vibe and tone of the album. We want ya to feel like yer right in the studio with us when you hear these songs! 

  I hope to wrap up the artwork/design within the next month. Then I will proceed with shopping it to a few labels that have shown interest. If that doesn't pan out, I will release it independently. 

  In other news, we are starting to toss some ideas around as to what songs we will record when SoundKeeper Recording's Barry Diament comes a'calling to track another acoustic album. We have about 6-7 songs in mind with a few others needing to be written

  As for the R&B/Jazz/funk project/album Eddie and I have been working on, project name is Booker G. & The OD's, tentatively titled "Electric Gigolo" we have tracked the majority of the songs, but we still need to add vocals, horns and some guitar to complete the songs. Hopefully we can start that process sometime in 2023. 

  Derelict Sightings, our collaboration with our founding/original singer/songwriter Brian Murray is also in semi complete form. We have tracked seven of Brian's originals and a couple of my songs, but still need to add some guitars, keys and harmonies, and maybe a Danny song or two. We hope to start that process sometime next year as well.

  More shows to come in 2023! Working on a couple of new venues in the tri-state area. Have a great autumn and God bless you all! 

                                                                   To The Top! Greek 


The Cosmic American Derelicts 2022 are:

Scott Lauro- Vocals/Songwriter & Fender Tele & Strat Guitars, banjo, lap steel/bender guitar, 

Ed Rainey- Vocals, Lead/Slide guitar- Gibson Les Paul, Fender Tele B-bender, mandolin, Dobro and lap steel, drums/percussion

George Kapitanellis- Songwriter, Fender P/J  Bass, Englehardt Double Bass and Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar, Tambourine

Danny Pavas- Vocals/Songwriter, Gibson Acoustic and Fender Strat and Telecaster, 

Sotiri Karlis- on 1974 Slingerland Drums

Nick Reeb Fiddle.

Rob Clores- Piano/ Hammond B-3 Organ/Nord


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-vocals, songwriter--Telecaster and acoustic guitars

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums--Slingerland

Mike Corr-vocals & guitar, songwriter-- Strat Cat

Joe Wilkinson-vocals, songwriter-- Les Paul & Strat