2023 is upon us and it looks like I'll be headed to Anapolis Maryland at the end of January to complete the remix of Bergenfield Blues with our trusty sound engineer Chrispy Chris Petro. Once the mixing is done, I will be sending masters to the cd manufacturer for printing. Going to make Cd's first and vinyl later in the year or next year, the cost for vinyl is sky high and out of our budget at the moment. I should have the Cd's in hand by May/June. 

  Once that is complete, I plan on finishing our follow-up album, Derelict Sightings, which will feature our original singer/songwriter Brian Murray's songs as well as some songs written by Scotty, Sotiri and myself. We have 8 songs tracked and 3-4 more waiting to be tracked and completed, I hope to have this album out by late 2024, but we all know how that goes, so we will take our time and get it right. 

 I just booked a short run of shows with Terry Reid and I am pursuing several other gigs for the Derelicts for later in the year. I wish you all a blessed and prosperous new year. Greek

The Cosmic American Derelicts are:

Scott Lauro- Singer/Songwriter, banjo, lap steel/bender guitar, 

Ed Rainey- Vocals, Lead/Slide guitar- B-bender, mandolin, Dobro and lap steel, drums/percussion

George Kapitanellis- Songwriter, Fender Bass, Upright Bass

Sotiri Karlis- Drums


Danny Pavas- Singer/Songwriter

Joe Wilkinson-Singer/Songwriter

Nick Reeb- Fiddle

Rob Clores- Piano/Organ

Brian Murray- Singer/Songwriter

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums

Mike Corr- Singer/Songwriter