For the sake of the music....

  The Derelicts have completed our 6th album The Twain Shall Meet, which is being produced and mixed by audio legend Barry Diament of Soundkeeper Recordings, Barry located a scenic farm/barn in New Milford Connecticut where we set up a mobile recording studio to track our new album. All the songs have been recorded live with just two microphones and no overdubs. We tracked all 10 songs in one day, old school! Barry has begun work on the mix/mastering of the songs, and we hope to have it released by Dec 2021 or Jan 2022.

 The titles of the songs we recorded are as follows:

Yankee- Written by Brian Murray/CAD

Lighthouse Keeper- Written By George K, Louie Demayo

Whispering Winds-Written By George K/Scotty Lauro

Waylon- Written by Scott Lauro

Speeding Train- Written by Sotiri Karlis/Scott Lauro

Pine Song-Written By Scott Lauro

New 1/2 Step- written by Scotty Lauro

Oh No-Written By Danny Pavas

Let Me In-Written By Danny Pavas

Woods & Water- Written By Danny Pavas

 Some of these songs we have performed, others are just being born and raised. The album features all acoustic instruments- Dobro, fiddle, acoustic guitars, upright bass, mandolin, and banjo . Singing the songs will be Scotty Lauro, Danny Pavas and Ed Rainey. 

  After working with us in July on our new batch of acoustic songs Barry at SoundKeeper Recordings wants to get behind the board and produce yet another platter for the Derelicts, which will be more of an electric rock/roots album. We have about 6-7 songs ready for that album, but we still need to write 3-4 more songs, so I reckon we won't be back in the studio with Barry til sometime in late 2022.  

  In other Derelict happenings, I have finally completed the final mixes of our 5th album, which features our good friend Terry Reid on vocals. I began production in 2017 and now by the good grace of God it is finally complete. I am really stoked to finally finish this labour of love. The album will contain 11-12 songs and is as yet untitled. I am currently in negotiations with several labels both here in the US and in the UK, to market, package and release/distribute the album world wide. If all goes well and we seal the deal, the album should be released by spring 2022. Fingers crossed.

  I am also very close to completing Bergenfield Blues (11 songs), which I started writing simultaneously alongside the songs featured on the upcoming Terry/Derelicts album, which we began recording in 2017. I just need to get the vocalists in to finish the vocals on three songs and Eddie and Joe Wilkinson need to finish up the guitars on 4-5 of the songs. Hope to have this album wrapped up and ready for public consumption by spring of 2022. Bergenfield Blues will be album number seven for the Derelicts. The Derelicts have also tracked 10 songs with original/co-founding Derelict Brian Murray for our 25th anniversary album to be released in 2023, titled Derelict Sightings.

 Track List for Derelict Sightings, release date in winter 2023

All songs written by Brian Murray and arranged by the Derelicts except where noted

500 Year Flood-Brian & Scott on vocals

St. John's Avenue- Brian vocals

No Sense- Brian & Scott on vocals

Colour Of The Wind- Brian Vocals 

My Girls- Brian vocals

Arise- Brian Murray/Greek. Scotty on vocals

Where I Belong-Scotty on vocals

Wasted My Love- written by George K. Scotty on vocals

Sub Ganja Swing- Brian vocals

Ska-Opportunity- Brian Vocals

All backing Harmony vocals will be sung by Eddie Rainey, Dixie Lee Rainey, Danny Pavas, & Scott Lauro

  Eddie and I have have been working on an album of R&B songs and instrumentals which we have tentatively titled Contemporary Songs To Swing To Vol. I, so far we have tracked 4 instrumentals and  2 George penned R&B songs. This album is still in the early phases of production and probably wont be out til late 2022 early 2023.

 Returning Derelict Danny Pavas has been writing like a man possessed lately and we will be sprinkling a few of his compositions onto some of our upcoming albums and possibly a future TruBlue release. We have been featuring several of Danny's songs in our set and have been getting lots of very positive feedback from our fans. Most notably Mighty Dollar & Glory, Glory being singled out for praise. 

 The music keeps flowing at the Homestead and we are just trying to keep up with the muse. Haven't really been chasing gigs for this year as we are currently focused on recording new music. God willing we will be hitting the road next year for a run of shows here in the US as well as a possible UK/EU tour with Terry in support of our upcoming Terry/CAD release. Time will tell... God bless, I wish you all lots of love and happiness... Cheers to our fans and friends.. Greek


The Cosmic American Derelicts 2021 are:

Scott Lauro- Vocals/Songwriter & Fender Tele and Strat Guitars, banjo, lap steel/bender guitar, 

Ed Rainey- Vocals, Lead/Slide guitar- Gibson Les Paul, Fender Tele B-bender, mandolin, dobro and lap steel.

George Kapitanellis- Songwriter, Fender P/J  Bass, Englehardt Double Bass and Gibson J-50 acoustic guitar, 

Danny Pavas- Vocals/Songwriter, Gibson Acoustic and Fender Strat, 

Sotiri Karlis- on Slingerland Drums

Nick Reeb Fiddle.

Rob Clores- Piano/ Hammond B-3 Organ


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-vocals, guitars, songwriter--Tele

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums--Slingerland

Mike Corr-vocals & guitar, songwriter-- Strat Cat

Joe Wilkinson-vocals & guitar, songwriter-- Les Paul & Strat