From all of us at the Homestead, we want to wish everyone a Happy Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays all around! 

 It looks like we are going to be releasing Bergenfield Blues as a Double Vinyl LP 25th Anniversary Set w/Cd included. Seeing as next year is our 25th anniversary we really want to put out a great product for our fans who've stuck with us thru thick and thin. Thanks for your patience and we hope to see some of ya'all at our upcoming shows. Cheers and God bless....GK

The Cosmic American Derelicts 2022 are:

Scott Lauro- Vocals/Songwriter, banjo, lap steel/bender guitar, 

Ed Rainey- Vocals, Lead/Slide guitar- B-bender, mandolin, Dobro and lap steel, drums/percussion

George Kapitanellis- Songwriter, Fender Bass, Upright Bass

Danny Pavas- Vocals/Songwriter, guitars

Sotiri Karlis-  Drums

Nick Reeb Fiddle.

Rob Clores- Piano/ Hammond B-3 Organ


Sitting in from time to time are co-founding/original members..

Brian Murray-Vocals,songwriter-guitars

Galinos Kapitanellis- Drums

Mike Corr-Vocals, guitar, songwriter

Joe Wilkinson-Vocals, songwriter, guitars